Friday, July 24, 2009

Random Thoughts...

This is the first of many random thoughts blogs. Ever since I was in high school, some of my friends and I used to try to have as random of conversations as possible. This consisted of piecing together the most random words and even creating some new words. Most of the time, the sentences made little to no sense at all. We had a ton of fun with this though! This is going to be a little different...I am just going to put some random things that have popped into my head lately. I think that I am going to limit myself to 15 things...Enjoy! (many of these things have no meaning at all...but some do so if you are confused as to what some of these things mean or want to hear the story behind it...just ask)

1. Do mountain lions really like trail mix?
2. Why does every small town carnival ride go in some kind of a circle?
3. Does clams has heads?
4. Does milk really do a body good?
5. I will one day have a pet Polar Bear!
6. Is there really a pot of gold guarded by a slippery little leprechaun at the end of a rainbow?
7. Running downhill like Mario+little girl flashing a flashlight in your eyes=momentary blindness and an almost imminent crash.
8. No roadtrip is complete without a roadtrip mix! (American Love by Haste the Day is a must for any mix)
9. I wonder what all my friends are doing right now?
10. Couldn't PBR actually stand for Polar Bear Racing?
11. Yard gnomes are worthless but are also a must for any yard!
12. If a person were to snorkel in a pool full of Hawaiian Punch, what kind of treasures would lie beneath?
13. Are scary movies these days actually for scaring people, or for people to make fun of?
14. Toothpicks are one of the greatest inventions ever!
15. Usually when aardvarks are unleashed into a room full of unnaturally speckled checker boards, you will see the spontaneous generation of obstacle courses designed specifically for Northern Pike...

That was a trip into the mind of me, Cody Petersen. Hope you enjoyed your journey. See you in the next installment of...Random Thoughts...

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