Friday, March 4, 2011


Something that Meghan (my fiance...yes, I'm engaged) and I both really like to do is read. It is something that we have always done in our spare time alone, but has never really been something that we do as a couple. Since we started dating, we have read a couple books together (a couple relationship books to help me be a better boyfriend/fiance). We have both really enjoyed reading together and spending time together that way, so we decided to keep that going.

Tonight we started a book called Radical. Just from the opening chapter, it seems like its the kind of book that is going to either really challenge me to start living my life in a different way, or make me question exactly what the author is getting at and be almost judgmental of the whole book.

After reading the first chapter, Meghan and I started talking about what we thought and parts that stuck out to us. We started discussing how we thought the author was almost intentionally making us feel like we suck at being Christians because we fail to reach out to the poor or follow Jesus in a more radical way. The author mentioned some of the tactics that Jesus used in His ministry such as using teachings that were so challenging that He drove followers away, asking His disciples to give up everything to follow Him, require suffering and persecution along their journey, etc.

This was a point where Meghan and I had some differing thoughts. She mentioned that this thought kind of scared her. She said that it made her really uncomfortable to think that she might not be sacrificing enough. That by the time we are done reading this book, that she will have rethought things so much that living out our daily lives feels like its not right and we will feel a need to change everything and step out of our comfort zone. It scares her to think of Jesus as something other than a comforter, especially if He is someone that requires such a radical life of His disciples.

This same thought that scared Meghan gave me a different feeling. I immediately thought that I love this about Jesus. I love that He required so much of His followers and taught things that were so hard to grasp that by the time He was done teaching, and there were only a few followers left, He really knew who was in for the long haul. I love seeing Jesus as the "all that is man" type of guy. The Jesus that wants the most out of His disciples and expects great things from them because He knows that they are capable. The Jesus that calls people into a radical relationship with Him. It excites me!

At the same time though, I see how it is a scary thought. I have always been someone who likes change and ushers it in with open arms. I generally like being challenged to step outside my comfort zone. But I know that there are people who get scared by the very thought of change. Who love their comfort zone and would stay there forever if they could. I was really encouraged by my conversation with Meghan after reading this book for a few is really nice to have a time like this to just spend time together and talk, which is something that I think people take for granted...two...I love that Meghan and I can push each other a little bit to see things in a way that we normally wouldn't...and three...I really think that this book is going to make us think about a lot of things in our life right now.

I'm excited for what else this book has to bring...for the conversations it sparks. And I hope that everyone reading this blog has some kind of opportunity to do something like this as well. It is always good to learn and strengthen each other up in love.


  1. Good stuff Cody! The difference between boys n girls is so clear in yours & Meghans reactions to the first chapter. Mike read it (a couple of times I think)gave it to me, & I read the first chapter or two & was all worked up & he took it away from me & gave me Crazy Love to read instead. Someday I will dive back into radical, but I think the timing was just wrong for me...I already had enough fears about a bunch of stuff going on in our life, that I didn't need to add to my worry!

  2. Hey Code,
    I love it that you and Meghan are reading together and discussing what you read. It's interesting to me that you're the one that likes to be challenged and Meghan would rather stay in her comfort zone. That's exactly like your mother and I. Mom doesn't want to be pushed outside her box. On the other hand the more the better for me. It's a good way to complement each other. Did you know that your Grandpa and Grandma made it part of their wedding vows to read the Bible together every day or at least enough each week to be able to read it through once each year. I think that's awesome. They still, to this day, are keeping that vow. What a great way to assure that the Lord is Lord of their lives. Keep up the reading buddy. Loved the blog. Love you too!


  3. Great stuff man. The relationship between Alyssa and I is the same way. I think that is pretty common in girls and guys. Guys like the challenge. They like to solve problems, especially when it takes them outside of their box. Girls tend to enjoy the stability and peace of mind that comes with remaining inside of the box. I find it to be a great balance in a relationship because you can help keep each other grounded and not go too far both ways.

    That is great to hear that you and Meghan are doing that. It is something that I want to start doing with Alyssa and this serves as some good encouragement for it. I am looking forward to reading the future blogs on this book.