Thursday, October 8, 2009


My good friend Beth has a blog called Bethism. Check it out here! On this blog she keeps a record of all the random awkward things that happen in her life. (And they are awkward!) One of my greatest joys in life is reading this blog and getting a good laugh...and being very thankful that none of those things have happened to me. Today however, one of those things happened to me...kinda. It wasn't really an awkward happening, more a series of unfortunate events.

So here is the story. Today I was painting a door. It was the door that we are going to put on the back wall of the stage at The Rock, to make it easier to load and unload sound gear and things like that. I was painting it that same color as the wall, a rich, dark, blue. Now just so you know, it's a Husker game day so I was wearing my favorite RED Husker shirt and one of my nicer pairs of khaki shorts. (I wasn't really planning on painting today...) The door was on the ground, so I was kinda squatting over it and painting it. My legs we getting kinda tired, so I decided to sit down and paint it that way. Maybe you can guess what happened next. I sat down...right on the lid of the paint can. And now I have a sweet, dark blue paint spot on my nice shorts...

I proceeded to run into the men's restroom to try and wash all the paint off my shorts. So I emptied my pockets, put my wallet and keys on the floor and put my phone in the front pocket on the hooded sweatshirt that I was wearing. I washed as much paint off as I could, but it was a lost cause. HUGE BLUE MARK RIGHT ON THE BUTT! No bueno...

I decided since I was already covered in paint to go and finish the first coat of blue on the door. So I continued to paint but this time instead of sitting down, I just bent at the waist to prevent myself from sitting in the paint again. So I was just about finished with this coat of paint, I had just dipped my brush into the paint can and leaned over the door to paint the last section when I heard a *sploosh* *plop* *splash* *gloop* or any other sound like that...and phone had dropped into the paint can and was slowly sinking to the bottom. I was in shock...what are the odds of my phone jumping out of my pocket into the paint can of doom?

I reached in and grabbed my phone out of the paint can. It was completely covered...and now so was my hand. I grabbed the paint can lid and hovered over it so I didn't drip paint all over the floor on the way back to the bathroom. When I got back into the bathroom, I grabbed the paper towel roll and unwound most of it, then proceeded to clean off my phone. There was paint EVERYWHERE on it, the earhole, the speaker, in between the keys, everywhere. I cleaned it off really well and was really pleased with how clean it actually was. I turned it on and to my surprise, it worked...until I pressed the buttons...then it freaked out on me. Needless to say it no longer works, so I'm down one phone, one pair of shorts, and probably about $50 to cover the insurance claim on my phone.

This was one of those days where lots of things decide to go wrong. All I can say is that if the Huskers lose tonight then I might scream! When all was said and done, I was really really frustrated, by all I could do was laugh about the whole situation and how it panned out. I hope that everyone can use this post to have a little laugh themselves. Huge props to Beth, I feel your pain, hang in there!


  1. My step-dad said you did this to started your day off by putting on a Huskers shirt. LOL... :)

  2. oh man cody. haha. well i was having a bad day, then i read your story. brightened my day a little. but that really sucks. that would only happen to you haha.

  3. Leave it to an anonymous commenter (sounds like an OU fan I know...) to bash the Huskers...who beat Missouri 27-12 I might add. At least have a backbone and leave your name with your comment.